Jezebel Must Come Down


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In this book, Pastor Brian Gallardo calls the Church into alignment and order. For far too long pastors, leaders, CEOs, parents and other oversight types have been manipulated emotionally out of their leadership roles. Jezebel is to blame and she must come down! Although this demonic spirit is gender-neutral, Jezebel was a master emotional manipulator. A demon-influenced witch who contorted and arrested the mind and emotions of one of the greatest men of God to ever walk this planet. She has been dead for thousands of years but her spirit still lives on today. She manifests in men and women to cause you to abort the plan and purpose of God upon your life. With eggshells being her specialty, she uses guilt trips, pity parties, threats, silence, confusion about your oversight role, tears, lies, and secrets to vex your emotions to the point you feel like throwing in the towel. In this book, you will discover her tactics, purpose, and plan. But be warned: you may see yourself upon the pages you read. If you’re ready to change and be challenged, then this book is a must. Upon reading this book, you will overcome and be victorious from her vexing sorcery as we unite and decree JEZEBEL MUST COME DOWN!

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